What to Avoid When Purchasing the Best Watch Winder Singapore

automatic watch

For owners and collectors of self-winding watches, the best watch winder Singapore is a must-have. Choosing a good and affordable watch winder Singapore can be difficult since there are so many options you can choose from. But no matter what kind of watch winder you need or like, make sure to avoid the following things. 


A watch winder comes with a motor that keeps the mechanic runs. The motor produces noise, which unfortunately can be a huge disturbance, especially if you put it in your bedroom. Just imagine how noisy it will be if you have a multiple-winder that runs together at the same time. The noise is enough to keep you up all night. Therefore, it is important to choose the best watch winder Singapore that runs quietly. 

Cheap Wood

Wood is a popular material for the best watch winder box. It looks exquisite and it is a perfect complement for your fancy automatic watches. Unfortunately, most wooden winder boxes are quite expensive. So, many people choose a watch winder with cheap wood to get an elegant look.

Actually, this is a wrong move. The worst thing about cheap wood is it looks cheap. It won’t make the box look prettier. Furthermore, the material is also not reliable. Cheap wood is less sturdy and durable. It won’t take long until it shows signs of wear and tear. So, instead of going with cheap wood, it is best to choose other cheaper but durable materials, such as plastic or resin.

Over-the-top Features

Expensive single watch winder Singapore has many features that the cheaper ones don’t have. But you don’t have to purchase the most expensive watch winder with thousands of functions that you don’t need. Pay attention to what your watch needs and choose accordingly. You can save a lot of money and still get the best watch winder Singapore.